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ZH Gundam Color Palette Hand Paint Moisturising Palette Set Water-Based

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Water-Based Paints Wet Palette Set / Paint Moisturising Palette Set

+ Water Guiding Paper Refill Pack (10+80 pcs)

Total 90 pcs Refill pack

- Sponge x 1

- Water Guiding Paper x 2

- Moisturizing Palette Paper x 10

- Stainless steel brush cleaning bar x 1

Moisturizing Palette Paper

- Hydrophobic film

- It can remain moisturising for longer time which helps to prevent the paint from drying up.

- Suitable to use for gundam painting or larger area painting

Hydrophilic Pallete Paper

- Paint can spread out easily and evenly.

- Do not hold water molecules together

- Suitable to use when painting figures or miniatures like war hammer

How To Use

- Place sponge in the wet palette box, then pour water in and let it fully absorbed by the sponge.

- Then place the water guiding paper.

- After that, place the palette paper (hydropilic / moisturising) on top of it, based on your preference usage.

- Lastly place your desired color to process with painting.



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