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T114 Mr Paint Remover R (40ml)

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T114 Mr Paint Remover R (40ml)
Brand:Mr Hobby

Use when repainting or removing paint with Mr. Color,
Aqueous Hobby Color and with PVC figures.

-Method of use-
With the liquid applied to a cloth, brush, or cotton applicator, gently rub paint off of the surface. Mr.PAINT REMOVER is formulated so as not to greatly affect the work surface, but before applying be sure test the effect of the liquid on a sample part.

用于Mr. Color,Aqueous Hobby Color和PVC人物重新粉刷或去除油漆时使用.
将液体涂抹在布,刷子或棉签上,轻轻擦去表面的油漆.Mr.PAINT REMOVER的配方不会对工作表面产生太大影响,但在使用之前,请务必测试液体对样品部件的影响.

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