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Tamiya Putty Basic Type

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Tamiya Putty Basic Type

Brand: Tamiya

Tamiya Putty Basic Type is used for filling in seams when assembling plastic model kits or RC models that use ABS or styrene plastic bodies. The color is gray and may be applied with a flat surface tool. 

***Tamiya Putty Basic Type is not intended to fill large gaps. It is meant to fill in seams and imperfections in plastic model surfaces, and also be used on resin models and metal models ***

Tamiya Putty Basic Type 用于在组装使用 ABS 或苯乙烯塑料主体的塑料模型套件或 RC 模型时填充接缝。 颜色为灰色,可以使用平面工具应用。

***Tamiya Putty Basic Type 不是为了填补大的空白。 用于填充塑料模型表面的接缝和缺陷,也可用于树脂模型和金属模型***

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