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Mr Hobby MT104 Mr Basic Nipper II

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Mr Hobby MT104 Mr Basic Nipper II


Mr. Nipper is a dual-sided, all purpose, pre-lubricated cutting tool from Mr. Hobby. Featuring a spring-assisted reopening of the handles, and a comfortable curvature of the hand grips,  Mr. Nipper is going to be the cutting tool that makes cutting plastic feel rewarding. The blades are angled slightly upwards and are flat faced, giving you a guaranteed clean cut that gives a "snappy" response, rather than the nipper "chewing" through the gates. The added pressure also reduces the amount of discoloration where it was cut.

Mr. Nipper 是来自 Mr. Hobby 的双面,多用途,预润滑切割工具.具有弹簧辅助的手柄重新打开功能和舒适的手柄弯曲度,Nipper 先生将成为使切割塑料感觉有益的切割工具.刀片略微向上倾斜并且表面平坦,为您提供保证干净的切割,提供“敏捷”的响应,而不是钳子“咀嚼”通过门.增加的压力还减少了切割处的变色量.

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