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MS231 Mr Mark Softer (40ml)

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MS231 Mr Mark Softer (40ml)


Mr.Mark Softer is a softening agent designed to be used with decals (slidemarks). It enables decals to conform to rough and curved surfaces.
How To Use Mr.Mark Softer
First, apply a small drop of Mr.Mark Softer to the area where the decal will go using the brush attached to the bottle cap.
Apply the decal over this area. Apply gentle pressure to the decal with a soft cloth, removing any excessive liquid and ensuring that the decal down fast.
The decal will stick perfectly, even on uneven or curved surfaces.
If air bubbles do get in between the decal and the model surface, allow the decal to dry, and then carefully prick the decal with a needle and insert Mr.Mark Softer through the resulting hole. The air will escape, and the decal will then stick down conforming to the surface of the plastic part.

Mr.Mark Softer 是一种软化剂,设计用于贴花(滑动标记)
-如何使用 Mr.Mark Softer-
首先在该区域涂抹一小滴 Mr.Mark Softer使用附在瓶盖上的刷子

如果气泡确实进入贴花和模型表面之间,请让贴花干燥,然后用针小心地刺破贴花,然后将Mr.Mark Softer注入由此产生的孔中,贴合塑料部件的表面向下粘贴.

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