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MG 1100 Narrative Gundam C Equipment Ver.Ka

RM 220.00
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MG 1/100 Narrative Gundam C Equipment Ver.Ka


The mobile suit "Narrative Gundam C Equipment" developed as a psycho frame test machine is made into a three-dimensional version of MG Ver.Ka. Equipped with a number of gimmicks created by Hajime Katoki from both the story and plastic model perspectives.
■The thickness of the clear parts of the Psycho Frame are adjusted, and details are engraved not only on the front but also on the back and sides, resulting in a deep, three-dimensional shape. Depending on the viewing angle, it reflects light like a crystal.
■A gray psycho frame that does not activate NT-D is included, which can be used selectively.
■Achieving a parts configuration that is linked to "MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka" with the setting in the play in mind.
■The hip joints can be moved in blocks. The fins on the back of the knees sink as the knees move, allowing you to bend your legs deeply.
■Can be transformed from core block form to a bird-like core fighter by rotating the nose.
■Comes with a C-equipped beam rifle that is an improved version of the Jegan rifle. By taking advantage of the settings, you can reproduce both types by replacing parts.
■The Yona Bashta figure comes in two types: sitting and standing.

■Shield x 1
■Beam rifle x 1
■Beam rifle reproduction parts for Jegan x 1 set
■Beam saber x 2
■Body reproduction parts x 1 set
■Landing gear parts for core fighter x 1 Formula
■ Hand parts x 1 x
Figure x 2 types
■ 3D metallic sticker x 1
■ Water transfer decal x 1
■ Psycho frame parts for when NT-D is not activated x 1

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