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MG 1/100 GX-9900 GUNDAM X

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MG 1/100 GX-9900 GUNDAM X


-18 years after the anime ended, we finally have a Master Grade Gundam X!

-From After War Gundam X comes the compact, yet powerful Gundam X. Recreated in detailed 1/100 scale, this kit features the massive Satellite Cannon and reflector panel deployment gimmick, along with glossy armor highlights, bringing out the color difference. Well proportioned and featuring a variety of gimmicks, this kit is what is expected of a modern MG.

-Includes backpack-mounted reflector panels, massive satellite cannon and deployment gimmick for both

-Large Beam Sword with clear effect parts

-Transformable Shield Buster Rifle can switch from shield mode to rifle mode

-Chest camera eye recreated in clear parts, and the Shoulder Vulcan Cannons are expandable

-Developed by the United Nations Earth and introduced near the end of the Seventh Space War, the GX-9900 Gundam X was an incredibly powerful Mobile Suit, and carried a devastating weapon: the the huge Satellite Cannon, a weapon able to destroy colonies with a single shot.

-Accessories: Satellite Cannon, Beam Sword, Shield Buster Rifle, Weapon Holding 

Manipulators (Left and Right), Fist Manipulators (Left and Right) Open Palm Manipulators (left and Right), Action Base joint, Garrod Ran (Standing), Garrod Ran (Seated)

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