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Mr Hobby GM01 Gundam Marker (Ultra Thin Pen)

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Mr Hobby GM01 Gundam Marker (Ultra Thin Pen)


This it the most popular panel liner. Available in 3 colors.

Panel lining is the first step of GUNPLA customization beginners can try. It is a process of applying ink to each pieces's grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your GUNPLA kit. It is easy to apply and the panel lined GUNPLA would look more realistic and 3-Dimentional. The effect is stronger when you choose the color to ink according to the color of the model parts. In general, you can use black for dark parts, grey for lighter parts and brown for red parts.

这是最受欢迎的GUNDAM MARKER线笔,有3种颜色可供选择.
线笔里是GUNPLA初学者可以尝试的第一步.这是一个可在每个部件的凹槽上涂抹上墨水的过程,以改善GUNPLA套件的整体外观和细节.它易于应用,上了墨水的 GUNPLA看起来更逼真.根据模型零件的颜色选择上墨的颜色效果会更强,一般来说黑色用于深色部分,灰色用于较浅部分,棕色用于红色部分.

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